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Workout With Dr. Jessica 

  • Dozens of programs and hundreds of workouts to meet your current fitness level and goals. Dr. Jessica will work with you to choose and help you tailor the best program for you 

  • Workouts can be done right at home. Stream the guided workouts on demand from your smart TV, computer, or on our app. You can keep on track even when you are traveling.  

  • Each fitness program comes with a step by step meal prep guide, approved foods grocery list and delicious recipes 

  • Nutritional superfoods shake full of vitamins, nutrients and superfoods available with vegan options as well 

  • Online Access to Dr. Jessica with one on one virtual calls to help you with your health and fitness journey. 

  • Access to the private accountability group, with Dr. Jessica's tips and guides to keep you on track


All packages include the mobile app which has access to workouts, check-ins and tracker to keep you accountable!

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