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  • Jessica Norton

Solutions For Brain Fog

Maybe you have been feeling like you can't think, you can't focus, maybe you're now thinking there's something wrong with my brain and I just can't get back to my old self...Sounds like brain fog to me!

Now, you're not gonna go to your doctor and come out with a diagnosis of brain fog, but let's explain what it is. It is generally this sense that it's very difficult to think, very difficult to concentrate. I've had it described from clients that it feels like they're kind of waiting through a fog, trying to get to the right word, trying to remember where they put something, or even try to remember words when they're giving a presentation. You can also sometimes feel like you're just mentally not on your game. You're slow to respond with things. Sometimes you're not really processing. Somebody can say something to you and you'll forget it two seconds later.

And I have to say, I see this a lot. It is fairly common, especially in those clients who are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, burned out, and overall just fatigued.

Now, where does brain fog come from? Well, it actually can have a variety of origins, making it a little bit hard to treat sometimes in addition to brain fog occurring when you are really stressed out. I also see it in things like underlying infection, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, toxic exposure, food sensitivities, food allergies, overall, systemic inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, leaky gut depression, concussion medications, and lack of sleep.

So what to do? The first thing I recommend is going back to basics, and that's working on the four pillars, which are sleep, your mindset, your nutrition, as well as your exercise.

The second thing, which is also just as important, is to actually understand and then correct any underlying imbalances that are contributing. It's so important not only to work on the basics, but then to actually discover what is the cause, what is behind this, and then that is what is going to really help to remove the brain fog. You can't just throw, well, you could, but I would find it a ways to throw random supplements or random treatments at the problem when you haven't understood what the root cause is. And this is why I love functional medicine so much. Check out this video for more in depth details!


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