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  • Jessica Norton

Why Gratitude Matters...

Now, you may not realize it, but having a regular gratitude practice can provide so many benefits to your overall health and wellness. Not only can it help you with relationships to others as well as relationship to yourself, but can, it also has a lot of physical effects on your health. It can help to reduce inflammation, it can modulate your immune system, help lower your blood pressure, and it can help you become more resilient to stress as well as traumas both past and present. And it can really help tame your own inner critic, interrupting that unusual pattern of negative thoughts that she might be putting on replay.

There has been some interesting research that says that one of the most effective ways to experience gratitude is to actually receive it for yourself. So meaning someone telling you that they're grateful for something you've done. Now in a regular practice, you're not just gonna run up to people and ask for letters of gratitude or ask them to to tell you what they're grateful about you for, right? But one of the things you can do is remember a time in which you have received gratitude in the past. Now, this would mean it has to be a real feeling, a real time in which you receive gratitude and you can remember that and associate that. You might want to jot down a full few bullet points about that, and then bring up that feeling of gratitude.

So I hope that this video gives you a new way to look at a gratitude practice or maybe tweak some things about your own gratitude practice...dive deeper with the video below.


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